Embedded Systems

We provide end to end services to design embedded systems and products unique chipset and system level products for wireless networks design and development of DSP-Image processing technologies, embedded systems intelligent automation solutions on embedded sensor and wireless-sensor-actuator-control networks technologies integrated hardware and software solutions, tools and products ranging from development suites and middle ware solutions end-to-end product engineering and semiconductor services

Hardware Design and Development
Firmware,Device Drivers and Board Support Package
Work on RTOS and bare metal projects
Home Automation, Beacon wireless based project Development
Complete End to End Project Development for Industrial Automation
Innovative Embedded product development
Protocol Stacks and providing connectivity solutions
HMI & UI Design
RTU and SCADA Development
Verification and validation Services.

Computer Hardware with software embedds with dedicated function in a system.

Task specific

Wide variety of environments and can cope with demanding conditions.

Encore errors ,Fan less design And Less power

Data Storage Devices,Controllers, High-tech Accessories, Single-purpose Machines,Smart Home Devices.

Low latency system design with accuracy

Smaller Footprint,Fan less and Solid State Designs, Easy Integration with Other Systems or Devices,Quick Installation and Turn Around Time…