we provide industrial robots to suit industry requirements we provide industrial robots enhance energy efficiency, reliability and productivity for industrial, utility and infrastructure customers. better quality advanced robots for the automation industry compact, powerful, and precise robots for your automation reduce labour costs, enhance safety and increase productivity for the industries While robots have long been workhorses on factory production lines, today – at time marked by Industry 4.0 and smart factories – the latest generation of industrial robots is revolutionizing traditional processes. A new iteration even works alongside humans in factories as collaborative robotics, also called cobots, where they assist with manufacturing processes and boost output quality

By turning to StepOne Technologies, you can achieve

A high level of accuracy, integration and efficiency

Safety management solutions in line with current norms

Various topologies for axes, joints and motors

Security features that protect intellectual property from counterfeiting

With our Technology, Stepone checks all the boxes for both traditional industrial robots and collaborative robots designs. We design highly integrated solutions for superior motor control . Regardless of your robot’s size, number of axes and payload, stepone provides the right solution for nearly any industrial robot design.