Product information

  • Category: Hardware & IOT Application
  • Product Name: iStep - Tracking and Data Analysis System
  • Product date: June 1, 2020
  • URL:


An intelligent & effective solution for Schools, Institutions Hospitals, Offices, Critical Asset Movements, Offices, Amusement Parks, and Hotels and Hospitality Centers.

Product Features

  • Summary Reports can be drawn showing statistical data / information of the tagged entity’s performance with respect to the specified parameters & allowances.
  • Uses latest RF technology for tracking and monitoring solutions.
  • Since the system works only in specified premises, it does not breach into anyone’s Privacy .
  • The system has the intelligence to track & send alerts and notifications.
  • Tracking Entity Location & Movement with Software Application designed & developed to work as an integrated system with the hardware electronics as a device.
  • Systems data about the movement of the tagged entity is converted into meaningful information to show Activity log, and customized reports.